Money was always a stressful thing in my life. Making any decision around money wasn’t easy for me. I never understood why.

It isn’t just me who goes through money blocks. Even the financially successful people with millions of dollars and crores of rupees also go through the money blocks.

Have you ever been laughed at like you are an idiot? Today, I was.

Just to give you a little background, I was born and brought up in India and moved to US when I was age 22. I have lived here for over 12 years now.

The faucet in…

Two kinds of people experience extraordinary success in the world — those who have an ego and those who have a purpose.

We all know about people driven by purpose. Elon Musk who envisioned a world of clean energy. Steve Jobs, who envisioned a better world fueled by technology. Bill…

COVID 19 has created uncertainty in many of us. Many engineers have experienced job losses or fear of experiencing a job loss.

Tony Robbins says, “In times of great uncertainty, it’s more important than ever to harness the power of focus, and focus on what you can control.”


Aditya Guthey

Aditya is a Speaker and Career Performance Hacker who helps Software Engineers go from surviving to thriving—

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