An Antidote to Money Fears

Aditya Guthey
4 min readNov 21, 2020

Money was always a stressful thing in my life. Making any decision around money wasn’t easy for me. I never understood why.

It isn’t just me who goes through money blocks. Even the financially successful people with millions of dollars and crores of rupees also go through the money blocks.

The real challenge is that money blocks limit you in many ways you may not have realized. If you are afraid to ask your manager bold questions or at your work, money blocks might be the root cause. You might be wondering how. So let’s break that down.

You wanted to ask a bold question in a meeting. A question you knew will impress your higher managers. However, suddenly your breath shrinks, your heart starts beating faster, and a worry creeps into your mind that you might lose your job if you ask the question. So you don’t ask the question. You don’t take the chance. You just passed an opportunity to be noticed by your higher managers.

You didn’t take a chance because you are worried that you will lose your job. You are worried you won’t be able to pay your bills, mortgage, etc. The root cause of not being able to step out of your comfort zone is money blocks. Think about other scenarios where you are not taking risks. You stay in your comfort zone. You live a small life to fit in the crowd.

Money blocks are also known to be the number one reason for a couple’s divorce. One partner wants to protect all the money, and the other partner wants to spend all the money. So they keep having arguments.

In the next few articles, we will demystify the worry around money. What is money? What does it take to experience freedom from the worry of money? More importantly, what does it take to move from worry island to freedom island? You know you want to be on the freedom island. Life is too short to spend it on the worry island.

The first step to tackling money blocks is awareness, which I call money intelligence. Money intelligence is the antidote to money blocks.

To develop your money intelligence, take a moment to think about a challenge you are currently facing or overthinking a decision. You want to quit your job and start a new company or move to a new country. Or you want to travel or buy a house. What is that you are worried about?

Most of the time, the top worry is money. How do I pay for the vacation? What if I run out of money? If I spend this money, how do I save up for my house, my future kids, my future retirement?

If the root cause of your challenges has anything to do with money, you have money blocks. Having that awareness is called money intelligence. The more money intelligence you have, the more freedom you can experience. It is the first step to overcoming money blocks.

A real estate agent, a millionaire, named Vijay constantly had money blocks. He never understood the abundance of wealth he was living in because he had no money intelligence. Minor unexpected expenses such as toilet repair stress him out to a point where he doesn’t even call the plumber. He tries to fix it himself. Because of his scarcity mindset, despite his massive wealth, he never pursued things he really wanted, such as traveling, becoming a motivational speaker, and experimenting with new business ideas.

When he did travel, he continued to worry about every expense, including the food he eats. As a result, he didn’t enjoy his vacation, something he most desired.

If you don’t address the root cause, you will feel challenged around money no matter what actions you take.

You might decide to make more money, and you might make more money, but you will continue to feel challenged. You will continue to have scarcity around money no matter how much money you make.

Since Vijay didn’t address the root cause, he couldn’t experience the joy from traveling.

Suppose Vijay addresses the root cause and builds awareness that the root cause of his anxiety is money blocks. In that case, he will be able to appreciate the abundance he is living in. What Vijay needs is money intelligence.

As he continues to build his money intelligence, he will be able to escape the worry island. In the next article, we will talk about how you can achieve that. We will explore questions like, what is money? The more you expand your money intelligence, the more freedom you will achieve from the worry of money. You will swim towards the freedom island and leave the worry island behind.



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