Uncertainty during COVID

COVID 19 has created uncertainty in many of us. Many engineers have experienced job losses or fear of experiencing a job loss.

Tony Robbins says, “In times of great uncertainty, it’s more important than ever to harness the power of focus, and focus on what you can control.”

COVID 19 is really about how you deal with uncertainty. Within a few days to weeks, how we do things in this world has drastically shifted.

Dealing with uncertainty is not very new to engineers. If you are a software engineer and you deployed a piece of code after thorough testing, it might still break even though you believed with certainty that it works just fine. How do you deal with such situations? Do you panic? Or do you accept what has happened and focus on things that you can be in control of. COVID 19 is an opportunity for you to practice how you deal with uncertainty.

If you are facing any kind of uncertainty, whether it is a job loss or potential health risk, focus on what you can be in control of — it could be liquidating some of your investments or upgrading your skillset or reaching out to people for other sources of income. Whatever it is, focus on things you can be in control of because guess what, if it isn’t COVID 19, it could be a different kind of uncertainty that you might face.



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Aditya Guthey

Aditya is a Speaker and Career Performance Hacker who helps Software Engineers go from surviving to thriving— http://whoweare.io/